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 Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

resolve group refs

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/resolverefs [POST]



Resolve XRefs for a group.

Invoking this service starts an Asynchronous process.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
start-threadWhether the resolve xrefs thread should be startednobooleantrue


Requires group  manager permissions.


This service returns the following XML:

  <thread ...> ... </thread>

If the thread is not started (if parameter start-thread is set to false ), then only the number of URIs to parse is returned like so:


Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1205The URI is not a folder
0x1204There is no default Group URI
0x1219URI is in the default group folder for another group
0x1405Invalid group folder ID
0x1406Group folder is in the default group folder for another group
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