Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

get loaded uris

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/loadingzone/uris [GET]



Uploaded URIs.

This service is used to load the URI objects created by the latest upload. Use parameter "max" to decide the max nb of URIs to return (default is 10).

The URIs are loaded from the manifest file in the member's temp folder. This file is then deleted, so it should only be called once after the upload process.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
maxThe maximum number of URIs to return.nolong10
uploadidThe ID specific to the upload, if unspecified, the general loading zone for the user and group will be used.nostring
xlinkidA comment ID used to build an upload ID (for comment attachments' loading zone).nolong


Permissions requirements to be updated.


Returns the following XML:

    <uri ... />

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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