Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API


/groups/{group}/unsubscribe [POST]



Unsubscribe a member from a group without logging in.

Optionally changes a member's notification settings or removes them from one or more groups. Returns a list of group and subgroup memberships for a member for the group specified.


Name Description Required Type Default value
deregister If "true" remove the user from the group or subgroups no boolean false
notification The member's notification option for the group or subgroups (immediate|daily|weekly|essential|none) no string
token Unsubscribe token for the group and member yes string


A valid token for the group and member can invoke this generator.


The XML returned is one or more <membership> elements inside an <unsubscribe> element:

 <unsubscribe email="[member's email]">
   <membership id="[membership id]" email-listed="[true|false]" notification="[notification]" flags="[flags]"
               status="normal" role="[role] [subgroups="[subgroups]"]
               [inherit-email-listed="false"] [inherit-notification="false"] [inherit-role="false"]>
     <group|project id="[group id]" name="[group name]" description="[description]" owner="[owner]" [relatedurl="[url]"] />
   <membership ...> ... </membership>

Error Handling

0x102A Token is invalid
0x102B Token has expired

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