Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

report group error

/groups/{group}/error/report [POST]



Reports an error to the adequate person when they occur within the context of a group.


This service is not part of the public API, and may be subject to change without notice! It also includes non-standard configuration, errors, and responses and will be scheduled for revision.

This service allows errors to be sent by email to a configurable address. The address is not necessarily the address of an existing member and can be an address for a support person.

To report errors which occur outside a group use the Service: /error/report [POST] instead.


For this service to be functional, ensure that the errorReportAddress property is defined in the Group Properties.

If the current group does specify this property, PageSeeder will fall back on the project property. 


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
contentThe content to be reported, usually a stack trace and/or some system information at time of error. yesstring
notify-asyncWhether emails should be sent asynchronously (for slow email servers).nobooleanfalse


Permissions requirements to be updated.


The XML simply acknowledges that the message was sent:


Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.


This service returns non-standard error messages and will be scheduled for revision.

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