Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API


/members/{member} [PATCH]



Edit the account details of a member.

Member details

Both the firstname and surname are limited to 50 characters.

The member-username must be less than 100 characters, unique and cannot contain a '@'. The username is required unless the an email address is specified.

The email must be less than 100 characters, unique and be a valid Email address. The email address is required unless a username is specified.


If the email is changed and force-email-change is not true, then the email will not be changed but a confirmation message will be sent to the new email address.

The member details are only modified if they are specified in the request.

Password details

The member-password must be less than 100 characters. When the password is not specified, the member's email will be used if no confirmation is needed, otherwise, a new password will be generated.

Passwords must satisfy a given strength check to be accepted:

  • Regular members must have at least a MEDIUM strength.
  • Administrators must use a STRONG password.

Users MUST include their current password using current-password in order to be able to change their password.


By default, an email is sent to the user when their password is changed unless member status is set-password (i.e. the member is setting up their account). To override this behavior, set password-email to "false".

Email templates

This service will use the default PageSeeder templates.

To use customized emails, use the customFolder template property.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
current-passwordThe member's current password (required by non-administrator if a new password is specified).maybestring
emailThe member's email address.noemail
email-attachmentsSet to "true" to include attachments to email notifications,
Set to "false" to include links to PageSeeder instead.
firstnameThe member's first name. Max 50 characters.nostring
force-email-changeSet to "true" to change the email address without notification (administrator only).nobooleanfalse
member-passwordThe member's new password. nostring
member-usernameThe member's username.no string
on-vacationSet to "true" to suspend normal email notifications.noboolean
password-emailSet to "false" to change the password without notification (administrator only).nobooleantrue
surnameThe member's last name. Max 50 characters.nostring
tokenThe account activation token.yes, if not authenticatedstring
notify-asyncWhether emails should be sent asynchronously (for slow email servers).nobooleanfalse


This service can only be invoked by the user herself or an Administrator.

Only administrators can change a password without having to submit the current password.

Member details


The XML returned is always:

    <member id="[member id]"
            firstname="[first name]"
        <fullname>[full name]</fullname>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1001If the username contains the character '@'.".
0x1002If the email address is invalid.
0x1004If the username or email are already in use.
0x1007If the first name or surname is longer than 50 characters
0x1009If the username is too long
0x100AIf the email address is longer then 100 characters
0x100BIf the new password is too long
0x100CIf the current password is not specified
0x1015If the new password is too weak
0x1017If the current password is incorrect
0x6002If the email change notification could not be sent
0x6003If the password change notification could not be sent

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