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How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

get toc

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/toc [GET]



Gets a publication TOC

Output the partial TOC for a publication including a content document (request URI) and it's ancestors. If URI is not in a publication output the TOC for the URI only with no publications.


If publicationid is not specified then the publications for this document (that the current user can access) are ordered alphabetically by display title (then by ID) and the first publication is used.


Name Description Required Type Default value
publicationid the publication ID for the TOC no publicationid


Undocumented permissions requirements.


     [<publication ...>]
       <publication-tree uriid="55593" title="System Report 2">
         <part level="1">
           <document-ref level="0" title="Requirements"
             documenttype="references" uriid="55594" position="1" numbered="true"
             prefix="1." canonical="1." />
           <part level="2" content="true">
             <document-ref level="0" title="Functionality"
               documenttype="default" uriid="55578" position="1" numbered="true"
               prefix="1.1" canonical="1.1." />
             <part level="3" uriid="55578">
               <heading-ref level="2" title="Account" fragment="1-2"
                 index="1" numbered="true" prefix="1.1.1" canonical="1.1.1." />
           <part level="2">
             <document-ref level="0" title="Extras"
               documenttype="indent" uriid="55595" position="1" numbered="true"
               prefix="1.2" canonical="1.2." />
         <part level="1">
           <document-ref level="0" title="Bibliography"
             documenttype="bibliography" uriid="61110" position="1" />
     <publication .../>]

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this generator.

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