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How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

get toc public

/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/toc [GET]



Gets a publication TOC (public)

Output the partial TOC for a publication including a content document (request URI) and it's ancestors. If URI is not in a publication output the TOC for the URI only with no publications.


Name Description Required Type Default value
publicationid the publication ID for the TOC no publicationid


Undocumented permissions requirements.


     [<publication ...>]
       <publication-tree uriid="55593" title="System Report 2">
         <part level="1">
           <document-ref level="0" title="Requirements"
             documenttype="references" uriid="55594" position="1" numbered="true"
             prefix="1." canonical="1." />
           <part level="2" content="true">
             <document-ref level="0" title="Functionality"
               documenttype="default" uriid="55578" position="1" numbered="true"
               prefix="1.1" canonical="1.1." />
             <part level="3" uriid="55578">
               <heading-ref level="2" title="Account" fragment="1-2"
                 index="1" numbered="true" prefix="1.1.1" canonical="1.1.1." />
           <part level="2">
             <document-ref level="0" title="Extras"
               documenttype="indent" uriid="55595" position="1" numbered="true"
               prefix="1.2" canonical="1.2." />
         <part level="1">
           <document-ref level="0" title="Bibliography"
             documenttype="bibliography" uriid="61110" position="1" />
     <publication .../>]

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this generator.

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