Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

create comment uri public

/uris/{uri}/comments [POST]



Create a new comment for URI

Create a comment for group, reply, url or uri/fragment.


Comments support two types of metadata:

  • properties, a set of values pairs
  • labels

Task details

This service can be used to either turn a thread into a task or to edit the task details of a task.

Task details are automatically inherited from the previous comment in the thread.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
authornameThe name of the author.yesstring
contentThe content of the comment.yesstring
groupsA comma-separated list of group names the comment should belong to.yesstrings
titleThe title of the comment.yesstring
assignedtoThe ID of the member to assign the task to – status MUST be set.nolong
authoremailThe email address of the author.noemail
contenttypeThe content type of the comment.nomediatypetext/plain 
dueThe task due date, format is ISO-8601 – status MUST be set e.g. 2010-10-25, 2010-10-25T12:26 (defaults to T18:00).nodate
labelsA comma-separated list of label values.nolabels
notifyThe notification behavior.nonotifynormal
notify-asyncWhether emails should be sent asynchronously (for slow email servers).nobooleanfalse
priorityThe priority for the task e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low' – status MUST be set.nopriority
propertiesA pipe-separated list of value pairs (e.g. 'x=1|y=2|').nostring
statusThe task status value, e.g. 'Open'.nostatus
typeThe type of the comment.nostring
urisComma-separated list of attachments as URI ID with optional !fragment.nolongs
urlsComma-separated list of attachments as URL with optional #fragment.nourls



The task status should be one of the valid status values defined in your Group Properties. For example: 'Open', 'Resolved', 'Closed'.


Undocumented permissions requirements.


<comment-creation [notification-email-delayed="true"|
   <comment                      id="123"
      <title>Cavern stolen!</title>
      <author email="alibaba@fortythieves.com.au">
         ... </author>
      <assignedto              id="123"
         ... </assignedto>
      <modifiedby              id="456"
         ... </modifiedby>
      <content                 id="789"
         Sesame opened the door</content>
         <uri id="189">...</uri>
      <attachment          fragment="5">
         <uri id="289">...</uri>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1002 Invalid email address
0x1301 If the author is missing
0x1302 If the author is existing and was specified using authorname or authoremail
0x1303 Both URI and URL have been specified
0x1304 The URL is invalid
0x1305 The URL does not match a GroupURI
0x1306 The Group is invalid
0x1307 The assigned to member is invalid
0x1308 The due date is invalid
0x6301 If the group has no general discussion
0x6302 Failed to create new comment

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