Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

uri fragment

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/fragments/{+fragment} [PUT]



Fragment's Content.

Create new edit on fragment provided.


The new content of the fragment should be in the enclosed entity body of the request.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
contentNew fragment content. DEPRECATED, use enclosed
entity body of the request.
draftA flag to save edit as a draft.nobooleanfalse
htmlA flag to specify if content is HTML.nobooleanfalse
labelsThe label values for the edit.nolabels
lastmodifiedThe last modified date/time (ISO-8601) of the fragment (prevents edit clashes).nodate
noteContent for edit notes (if exists, creates a note).nostring
note-labelsComma-separated list of label values for the note (if exists, creates a note).nolabelsfalse
note-notifyThe note notification behavior [normal|announce|silent].noenumsilent
note-titleTitle for edit note.nostringEdit Note
notify-asyncWhether emails should be sent asynchronously (for slow email servers).nobooleanfalse
positionThe position (instance number) of this document in the publication (requires publicationid).nointeger1
publicationidThe ID of the publication context for this document to return numbering (requires transclude=true).nopublicationid
tidyFlag to perform Tidy on HTML content.nobooleantrue
transcludeA flag to resolve transclusions when outputting result.nobooleanfalse


Permissions requirements to be updated.


When successful, the new fragment is returned as a <document-fragment> wrapped in a <fragment-creation> element with the following optional attributes:

  • notification-email-delayed="true" – if the edit note notification has been queued due to large number of recipients.
  • notification-email-failed="true" – if the edit note notification could not be sent.
  • unresolved-xrefs="true" – if their are unresolved cross references in the fragment.


<fragment-creation notification-email-failed="true">
        <locator  id="325"
                <note id="6342"
                    <content>Fixed typographical error.</content>
        <fragment id="example">
            <para>This is the fragment content</para>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x120BError processing XRefs
0x120CError creating fragment
0x120DContent validation error
0x120Elastmodified date is invalid
0x120FSomeone has modified the fragment while you were editing

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