Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

invite member

/groups/{group}/members/invite [POST]



Invite a member to a group

Adds a member to a group in PageSeeder.

If the member specified (with the email address) is non existent, it will be created.

The email must be less than 100 characters and be a valid Email address.

Group membership parameters

All group membership parameters are optional, and will default to the group's default values.

The notification parameter must be one of "immediate", "daily" or "none".

The role parameter must be one of "guest", "reviewer", "contributor", "manager", "approver", "moderator-and-approver", "moderator".

The group invitation behavior follows the value of the project property acceptInvitationRequired .

Additional information specific to the group can also be attached to the user using the details fields field1 to field15


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
email The member's email (required if no member-username) maybe email
member-username The member's username, defaults to the member's email (required if no email) maybe string
field1 Custom field #1 no string
field10 Custom field #10 no string 
field11 Custom field #11 no string 
field12 Custom field #12 no string 
field13 Custom field #13 no string 
field14 Custom field #14 no string 
field15 Custom field #15 no string 
field2 Custom field #2 no string 
field3 Custom field #3 no string 
field4 Custom field #4 no string 
field5 Custom field #5 no string 
field6 Custom field #6 no string 
field7 Custom field #7 no string 
field8 Custom field #8 no string 
field9 Custom field #9 no string 
firstname The member's first name (used if they don't exist) no string Member
invitation Whether to create an invitation, otherwise force membership (admin only) no boolean depends on group flags
listed Whether the member's email address is listed in the group  no boolean false
notification The member's notification option in the group no enum depends on group flags
role The member's role in the group no enum
surname The member's first name (used if they don't exist) no string [4 digits]
welcome-email Whether to send a welcome email to the new member no boolean true


Undocumented permissions requirements.


<membership-creation [member-created="true"]
   <membership id="[membership id]"
      <member id="[member id]"
              firstname="[first name]"
         <fullname>[full name]</fullname>
      <group id="[group id]"

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1002 If the email address is invalid.
0x1003 If the specified group is a personal group.
0x1005 If the maximum number of members on the server has been reached
0x1023 Invite to admin group not allowed

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