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revert uri fragment

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/fragments/{+fragment}/revert [POST]


Revert Fragment's Content.

Revert a fragment to the edit provided.


editidID of the edit to get the content from or 0 for the original contentyesstring
labelsComma-separated list of edit label values (if not specified, the labels of the edit are used, if empty, no labels are used)nostring
lastmodifiedThe last modified date/time (ISO 8601) of the fragment (prevents edit clashes)nostring
noteContent for edit notes (if exists, creates a note)nostring
note-labelsComma-separated list of label values for the note (if exists, creates a note)nostring
note-titleTitle for edit notenostringEdit Note
transcludeA flag to resolve transclusions when outputting resultnobooleantrue


This service requires contributor or higher.


When successful, the new fragment is returned as a <document-fragment> wrapped in a <fragment-creation> element with the following optional attributes:

  • unresolved-xrefs="true"  if there are unresolved cross references in the fragment.


<fragment-creation [unresolved-xrefs="true"]> <document-fragment> <locator id="325" fragment="example" editid="6340" modified="2015-03-24T13:21:57"> <notes> <note id="6342" modified="2015-03-24T13:21:57" title="Typography"> <content>Fixed typographical error.</content> </note> </notes> </locator> <fragment id="example"> <para>This is the fragment content</para> </fragment> </document-fragment>

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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