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member data

/member-data/{member}/data/{data} [GET]


The behaviour and URL of this service is not consistent with other services, please read the description carefully.

Retrieves personal member data and can be accessed through the following URL:




Where name can contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphen or underscore and can have an optional alphanumeric extension after a dot which is ignored, for example public-picture.png.


No parameters required.

We recommend that you always use entity tags when making a request to this service using If-None-Match HTTP header.


Only the member themselves or an administrator can get the member data, unless the data name is prefixed by public-, in which case it is available publicly.

For example, anyone can see the public-picture.png


Returns the member data.

The media type is returned in the Content-Type  HTTP header and is one of the allowed media types. JSON and XML response are always encoded using utf-8.

The Cache-Control HTTP header is public, max-age=0 for public member data and private, max-age=0 otherwise.

The HTTP 200 response always includes the Etag and Last-Modified  HTTP headers. To detect and prevent collisions, use the entity tag to make any PUT or DELETE request on member data.

Error handling

CodeCause / Description
0x102DNo member data found
0x1030Member data name does not match [name].[extension] 
0x1030Member data name is too long (max 200 characters)
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