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member data

/member-data/{member}/data/{data} [DELETE]


The behaviour and URL of this service is not consistent with other services, please read the description carefully. 

Deletes personal member data and can be accessed through the following URL:




Where name can contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphen or underscore and can have an optional alphanumeric extension after a dot which is ignored, for example public-picture.png .

Detecting collisions

Since member data are requested and/or updated frequently, this service relies on precondition header fields  to detect and prevent collisions. If the preconditions fail, this service returns an HTTP 412 Precondition Failed  error, otherwise the deletion proceeds.

The recommended approach is to send the entity tag returned by the GET request or PUT request in the If-Match HTTP header. This service supports If-Match , If-None-Match, andIf-Unmodified-since HTTP headers to check whether the update is possible.


No parameters required.

We recommend that you always use entity tags when making a request to this service using If-Match HTTP header.


Only the member themselves or an administrator can use this service.


If the deletion is successful, this service returns an empty response with a 204 No content HTTP status.

Error handling

CodeCause / Description
0x102DNo member data found
0x1031Member data has been modified since update attempt
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