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list uri xrefs

/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/xrefs [GET]


Load a URI's xrefs.

Returns all xrefs from the given URI.

Does not return reverse xrefs for external URIs (URLs). Use list URI reversexrefs service instead.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
forwardWhether to include forward xrefsnobooleantrue
includetypesA comma-separated list of types of xrefs to include (none, embed,transclude)nointeger
pageThe page to loadnointeger1
pagesizeThe number of results per pagenointeger1000
publicationidThe ID of the publication for version parameternopublicationid
reverseWhether to include reverse xrefsnobooleantrue
versionVersion of the documentnostring
versionidVersion id of the documentnointeger


This service is restricted to guest and higher unless the group is accessible to public.


Format is as follows (ordered by urititle then title):

<uri id=[id] ... >
  <!-- URI details -->
  <!-- Xrefs found -->
    <xref title="[title]"
          urititle="[target URI title]"
          uriid="[target ID]" ..... />
    <xref title="[title]"
          urititle="[target URI title]"
          uriid="[target ID]" ..... />
  <!-- Reverse Xrefs found, if required -->
    <reversexref title="[title]"
                 urititle="[source URI title]"
                 uriid="[source ID]" ..... />

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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