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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


URI is used as a generic term for documents, folders and URLs which are specific types of URIs. They all have a unique URI ID and share many common features.

URI: document, folder and URL

Documents and folders belong to an internal host, meaning they are managed internally by PageSeeder and their source can be found in the local database or file system. Like in a file system, folders are containers for documents.

URLs belong to an external host; their source is defined outside of PageSeeder.

Hosts in PageSeeder are managed by an administrator. They are automatically created when a link or a URL is created.


In the PageSeeder API, documents, folders and URLs are represented using the <uri> element.

URLs might also be described as external URIs and documents/folders as internal URIs.

Internal URIs are case insensitive and case preserving which means their names can contain upper and lower case letters but that these are considered equivalent, for example you can’t have files in the same folder named abc.psml and ABC.psml . This is for compatibility with operating systems such as Windows and MacOS which also have this rule. However external URIs are case sensitive, for example is considered a different URL to


The URI for PSML documents is included in the <documentinfo> element as the <uri> element.

All other URIs can be exported with an associated PSML file descriptor (<document level="metadata">), allowing PageSeeder to re-import any PageSeeder-specific data associated with the file. PSML documents don’t have a file descriptor as they already contain all associated data.

Feature comparison

Information (label, description, etc.)YesYesYes
Document IDYesYesNo
Comments and tasksYesNoYes
Target of xrefYesNoYes
ValidationYesNo*Metadata only

* Feature can be applied to documents in the folder

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