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invite self

/groups/{group}/members/inviteself [POST]


Invite self to a group.

Allows a member to join themselves to a group in PageSeeder.

Group membership parameters

All group membership parameters are optional, and default to the group’s default values.

The notification parameter must be one of immediate, essential, daily, weekly or none.

The invitation behavior follows the value of Group Setting Self Registration as follows:

  • Normal – The member is joined immediately to the group.
  • Moderated – A request is emailed to a moderator who must approve it.
  • Confirmed – The member is sent an email with a link that they must follow.

Additional information specific to the group can also be attached to the user using the details fields field1 to field15.


field1Custom field #1nostring
field2Custom field #2nostring
field3Custom field #3nostring
field4Custom field #4nostring
field5Custom field #5nostring
field6Custom field #6nostring
field7Custom field #7nostring
field8Custom field #8nostring
field9Custom field #9nostring
field10Custom field #10nostring
field11Custom field #11nostring
field12Custom field #12nostring
field13Custom field #13nostring
field14Custom field #14nostring
field15Custom field #15nostring
listedWhether the member’s email address is listed in the groupnobooleanfalse
notificationThe member’s notification option in the groupnostring
notify-asyncWhether to send emails asynchronously (for slow email servers)nobooleanfalse
welcome-emailWhether to send a welcome emailnobooleantrue


Anyone can invoke this service if the group visibility is defined as public.


If successful, the created membership is returned as a <membership> element wrapped in a <membership-creation> element.

If the service attempted but failed to send the email notification to the user, it is indicated using one of:

<membership-creation [welcome-email-failed="true"]
  <membership id="[membership id]"
    <member id="[member id]"
            firstname="[first name]"
      <fullname>[full name]</fullname>
    <group id="[group id]"

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1003If the specified group is a personal group
0x1023Invite to admin group not allowed
0x1025The member already belongs to the group
0x6004If the member details have not been configured properly
0x6005Group has no moderator with an email address (when Self Registration: Moderated)
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