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membership-new-member template

This email is sent to a new user when she is simultaneously invited or added to a group.

This email streamlines group registration process by sending only one email when a new account is created in PageSeeder and the user is invited or added to a group at the same time.

If the user was invited to the group, she must accept the invitation using the link provided in the email before she becomes a group member. Until then, she will appear as a 'pending' member of the group.

It is also possible for a user to accept an invitation directly through the PageSeeder user interface.

Email headers

This message sets the following headers by default:

FromInviter or group, see From address
Subject[group] Group registration/invitation
ToEmail address of user


PageSeeder will produce the following XML for the XSLT template.:

<notification template="membership-new-member"

  <!-- The new membership -->
  <membership id="123" email-listed="true" notification="immediate" status="invited" role="reviewer">
    <member id="12" firstname="John" surname="Jones" email="" username="jjones" status="unactivated">
      <fullname>John Jones</fullname>
    <group id="3" name="acme-test" description="ACME group" owner="acme"></group>

  <!-- Member who invited this member to PageSeeder and this group -->
  <inviter id="77" firstname="Alice" surname="Thomson" email="" username="athomson">
    <fullname>Alice Thomson</fullname>


The token attribute is a base64url string that is different from the key and should not require URL-escaping.

Deprecation warning!

The key attribute is deprecated and will no longer be available in future versions of PageSeeder. It is only provided for legacy templates.

This item is obsolete!

The password attribute is no longer included in the message. PageSeeder never discloses passwords by email.

Usual content

Below is a screenshot of the HTML email:


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