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import group members

/groups/{group}/members/import [POST]


Imports members into a PageSeeder group.

The data parameter uses comma-separated values as:

[firstname],[surname],[email],[username?],[password?],[field1?], ... ,[field15?]

The first three fields are always required. Password is also required for new members. The fields are for Custom member details.

If a value contains a comma, it should be wrapped by double quotes ". It is not possible to include a line delimiter in a value, line delimiters are automatically interpreted as a separate member.

Error handling

If a user already exist, the existing details are returned instead of the original details sent in the request. The details sent in the import data do NOT overwrite the existing data.

If the data is incomplete or the email or username is invalid, it will return status="error" for that member.


Name Description Required Type Default value
createpersonal Whether to create a personal group for each member no string false
data the members to be imported in CSV format yes string
listed Whether to list the member's email address in the group no string false
notification The notification for the member (none, immediate, daily, weekly, essential) no string [the group's default]
role The role for the member (guest, reviewer, contributor, manager, approver) no string [the group's default]


This service requires Administrator.


The returned XML is as follows:

   <import firstname="[first name]"
          [id="[member id]"]
          [error=""] />

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this generator.

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