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group omnibox

/groups/{group}/omnibox [GET]


Service supporting the search box in the PageSeeder user interface.

This service is not part of the public API, and might be subject to change without notice!

This service is designed to return a list of result suggestions for the PageSeeder seach box and from a prefix match on a set of pre-configured fields.

The search is limited to a single group.

Auto-suggest configuration

The auto-suggestion function has been pre-configured to match terms in the following Index:

  • pstitle
  • psfilename
  • pscontent
  • psdocid
  • psid

To use the auto-suggest on a specific set of fields or for more information about the auto-suggest feature, see Service: /groups/{group}/autosuggest/fields [GET] (obsolete) instead.


termThe term to use in the search box ()yesstring
predicateAn additional Lucene predicate to narrow down the resultsno lucene


This service is restricted to guest and higher unless the group is accessible to public.


Search results are wrapped in an <auto-suggest> element:

<auto-suggest term="[term]">
  <!-- Matching results listed here -->

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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