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 Version 5

Legacy documentation for PageSeeder v5

autosuggest group fields

/groups/{group}/autosuggest/fields [GET]



This service is now deprecated, use Service: /groups/{group}/autosuggest [GET] instead.

Return result suggestions from a query for a specific field

This service returns the list of result suggestions from a prefix match on a set of fields.

Auto-suggest vs auto-complete

The auto-complete function returns the list of possible search terms using prefix matching.

For example, for term “ali”, the auto-complete returns terms like “align”, “alignment”, etc.

The auto-suggest feature returns possible search results by using the auto-complete function on a list of terms and the executing the corresponding query with these terms.

For example, for term “ali”, the auto-suggest first determines the list of possible match terms and then returns the best matching search results including these terms.


fieldsThe index fields to searchyesstring
termThe prefix of the  termsyesstring
predicateA additional predicate – this is an advanced optionnoLucene predicate+type:document

Although the fields and term parameters are not strictly required, that is an error is not thrown if they are not specified, this service only returns search results if both parameters are specified. This behavior might change in future releases.


This service is restricted to guest and higher.


Example XML output:

<autosuggest term="lorem">
  <query empty="false" predicate="...">
        <term field="pstitle" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psfilename" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psdocid" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psid" text="lorem"/>
  <results page="1"
    <result score="1.6665791">
      <field name="psid">4482</field>
      <field name="pstitle">lorem_ipsum.psml</field>
    <result score="1.6665700">
      <field name="psid">4400</field>
      <field name="pstitle">lorem.psml</field>

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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