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find group members

/groups/{group}/members/find [GET]


This service searches for members in the group that match the specified criteria and returns the group details for a list of group members based on the search parameters.

Search parameters

The parameters to search members are all optional.

The search performs an exact matching but case insensitive search.

For subgroup memberships the member-role and field[x] parameters are ignored and only status normal are returned.


countonlyIf true, only return the count of the number of results (ignores pagesize)nobooleanfalse
emailThe member’s email addressnoemail
field1Custom field #1nostring
field10Custom field #10nostring
field11Custom field #11nostring
field12Custom field #12nostring
field13Custom field #13nostring
field14Custom field #14nostring
field15Custom field #15no string
field2Custom field #2nostring
field3Custom field #3nostring
field4Custom field #4nostring
field5Custom field #5nostring
field6Custom field #6nostring
field7Custom field #7nostring
field8Custom field #8nostring
field9Custom field #9nostring
firstnameThe member’s given/other namenostring
member-roleThe member’s role, can be: guest, reviewer, contributor, manager, moderator, approver, moderator-and-approver(ignored for subgroups)nostring
member-usernameThe member’s usernameno string
pageThe page to load (only for subgroups=false)nolong1
pagesizeThe number of results per page (might return less results if subgroups=true)no long1000
roleIf equal to manager, display the full details for each member (group manager only)no string
statusA comma-separated list of the member’s membership statuses, can be: normal, invited, self-invited, moderated, disablednostring
subgroupsIf subgroups should be included in the response (only status normal returned for subgroups)nobooleantrue
surnameThe member’s family namenostring


This service requires reviewer or higher.

This service only returns the full member details if the role parameter is specified and set to manager and the logged in user has the role of manager in the group.


<memberships count="[n]" [limitreached="true"]>
  <group|project id="[group id]"
                 name="[group name]"
                 [relatedurl="[url]"] />
  <membership id="[membershipid]"
    <member id="[member id]"
            firstname="[first name]"
      <fullname>[full name]</fullname>
      <field position="1" name="tel" editable="true" title="Tel">
        0123 456 789

Custom fields can also be returned, see Custom member details.

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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