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edit url metadata

/members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/editmetadata [POST]


Edit a metadata property for a URL.

This service cannot be used for properties with datatype="[markup|xref|link]" or multiple="true".


Name Description Required Type Default value
name The name of the property to edit yes string
newvalue The new value for the property (XML markup will be treated as text) yes string
oldvalue The old value of the property (required if fragment is not specified) conditional string


This service requires contributor or higher in a group with edit all URLs permission.


The XML output follows this format:

<property-modification fragment="123" uriid="456">
  <property name="mylabel" value="my new value" />

Error Handling

0x1206 Invalid media type
0x120B Error processing XRefs
0x120C Error creating fragment
0x120D Content validation error
0x1218 Fragment not found with specified content
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