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create publication version

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/publications/{publicationid}/versions [POST]


Versions all documents in a publication.

Starting at publication root URI, adds versions to all xref target URIs (except when xref type="none" ). If xref type="embed" or type="transclude" with a PSML target URI, it recursively processes the target URI’s xrefs as well (if target is a fragment, it only follows xrefs for that fragment).

Invoking this service starts an Asynchronous process.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
descriptionThe version contentnostring
labelsGeneral labels for comment (e.g. Important, Typo)nolabels
nameThe version number or nameyesstring
notifySend notification flag, e.g. silent, normal, announcenostringsilent
notify-asyncWhether emails are sent asynchronously (for slow email servers)nobooleanfalse


Requires approver in the group of the publication root document.


  <thread id="123" ...>[thread XML]</thread>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x122EThe labels parameter is invalid
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