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create document

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/documents [POST]


Create a PSML document.

Processes request for creating a new PSML document based on the document configuration.

Note: There are various ways of specifying the target destination:

  • If the document configuration for the type specified has <folder> or <filename> defined, then these are used to compute the document path.
  • Otherwise, the following parameters are used: parentfolder, name.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
nameName of file to create – without extension (required if filename not specified in document configuration)maybestring
descriptionDescription of new documentnostring
docidDocument IDnostring
labelsComma-separated list of document label valuesnostring
notification-contentContent of notificationnostring
notification-groupsComma-separated list of group names to notify (optional, default to current group name)nostring
notification-labelsComma-separated list of label values for the note (if exists creates a note)nostring
notification-subjectSubject of notification (default to document title or “Document Created”)nostring
notifyNotification behaviornonotificationsilent
notify-asyncWhether emails are sent asynchronously (for slow email servers)nobooleanfalse
parentfolderPath of parent folder relative to the default group foldernostring/
template.*template.[name] used as a param by the template to create the contentnodefined in template
titleDisplay title of new documentnostring
typeType of new document (optional)nostringdefault


This services requires contributor or higher.


The XML output returns a <uri> element wrapped in a <document-creation> element as in the example below:

<document-creation renamed="true"
  <uri id="138614"
    <displaytitle>New document</displaytitle>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x0000The name is required
0x120AInvalid Document ID
0x1201Illegal character in filename
0x1209Existing Document ID
0x1211Existing URI
0x1216Invalid destination
0x1217Two contradictory parameters have been specified (url and name or url and parenturl or url and parentfolder or parenturl and parentfolder)
0x201BUnable to create XRefs
0x0204The Member was not found
0x6202Invalid PSML document configuration
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