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transform uri fragment

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/fragments/{+fragment}/transform [POST]



Transform fragment's content using XSLT.

If preview=true or diffx=true, no edit is created and the result of the transformation is returned. Parameters labels, lastmodifed, note, note-titleand note-labels are ignored then.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
diffxIf 'true', edit is not created but result of transformation diff is in the outputnobooleanfalse
labelsComma separated list of edit labelsnostring
lastmodifiedThe last modified date/time (ISO 8601) of the fragment (prevents edit clashes)nostring
notecontent for edit notes (if exists creates a note)nostring
note-labelsComma separated list of labels for the note (if exists creates a note)nostring
note-titletitle for edit notenostringEdit note
previewIf 'true', edit is not created but result of transformation is in the outputnobooleanfalse
reloadIf 'true', the transformation script cache is clearednobooleanfalse
transformationName of the XSLT to use (without .xsl extension)yesstring
parameter.*Any parameter starting with used by the XSLTnostring


This service requires contributor or higher.


The output has the following format:

<fragment-transform [preview="true"] [diff="true"]>
  <!-- Transformed fragment (no transcluded content) -->

Error Handling

0x120B Error processing XRefs
0x120C Error creating fragment
0x120D Content validation error
0x120E lastmodified date is invalid
0x120F Someone has modified the fragment while you were editing
0x122D The fragment is invalid (no match)
0x1225 The fragment is invalid (wrong case)
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