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server autocomplete

/members/{member}/autocomplete [GET]


Returns the list of terms to auto-complete a field or set of fields.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
fieldsA comma-separated list of fields to search innostringspstitle,pscontent
max-termsThe maximum number of terms to returnnoint20
prefix-onlyWhether to only match prefixes, not similar termsnobooleanfalse
termThe term to auto completeyesstring
urls-onlyWhether to only search URLsnobooleanfalse


Restricted to the member themselves or administrator.


<autocomplete term="test">
  <term field="pstitle" text="test1" prefix="true"/>
  <term field="pstitle" text="test2" prefix="true"/>
  <term field="pscontent" text="testable" prefix="true"/>
  <term field="pscontent" text="tested" prefix="true"/>

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this generator.

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