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project search facets

/members/{member}/projects/{group}/search/facets [GET]


Get search facets for multiple groups.

This service does the same as the group search but the search is not performed and only the facets for the search are returned.

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].

The indexes

The current implementation of PageSeeder produces one Lucene index per group. All the groups under the project on the request that the member has access to are searched. The groups parameter can be used to narrow the groups selected. It must be a comma-separated list of group names.


facetsA comma-separated list of fields to use as facetsnostrings
facetsizeThe max number of facet values to load (max 1000)nointeger10
filtersA comma-separated list of field:term pairs to use as filtersnostrings
flexiblefacetsA comma-separated list of fields to use as flexible facetsnostrings
groupsA comma-separated list of group names (only used when there is a project on the request)nostrings
questionThe question to search fornostring
questionfieldsA comma-separated list of fields to search the question innostringspstitle,pscontent
rangesA comma-separated list of range searchesnostrings
searchgroupsIf all then search all groups under the project (administrators only)noenumuser


Only the member themselves with guest access to the project, or an administrator, can invoke this service.


The XML response is:

<facets indexes="[comma separated group IDs]" [warning=""]>

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1501If there is an invalid group specified
0x1505If the facet size specified is bigger than the global property for face size ( maxFacetSize)
0x1506If a numeric field is specified as a facet
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