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preview mail

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/mail/preview [POST]


Preview an Email output.

Transform the XML content provided using the XSLT from the template specified.

XSLT templates are cached internally, specifying clear-cache=true clears the cache.


contentThe XML content to transformyesxml
nameThe name of the email template to useyesstring
clear-cacheIf true, the XSLT templates cache is clearednobooleanfalse
defaultIf the template should be loaded from the current group’s style or the default stylenobooleanfalse
subjectThe subject of the email if not specified in the XSLT templatenostringPageSeeder Email


This server requires administrator.


The XML output has the following format:

    <header name="Auto-Submitted" value="auto-generated" />
    <header name="Subject" value="[project-group] New comment created!" />
  <output format="html">[XHTML output]</output>
  <output format="text">[text output]</output>

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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