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oauth client

/oauth/members/{member}/clients/{client} [DELETE]


Deletes an OAuth client.

A client cannot be deleted while it has webhooks, so you must delete any webhooks associated with the client beforehand.

Deleting the client also has the following effect:

  • Invalidate all the tokens issued for that client.
  • Remove CORS origin for that client, so you won’t be able to use CORS for origin corresponding to that client unless another client has the same origin.

This service deletes the client permanently and the operation is irreversible.


No parameters required.


Members can only delete their own OAuth clients.

Administrators can delete any client.


If the operation is successful, the response is always the same:


Error Handling

HTTP codeCondition
400The client cannot be deleted while it has webhooks
403The client is not owned by the member
404Unable to find client
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