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loading zone

/upload/get [GET]


Retrieves a file from the loading zone.


groupThe group for the loading zoneyesstring
pathThe path of the file to retrieve (relative to loading zone root)yesstring
uploadidAn ID to uniquely identify this upload (overrides xlinkid)nostring
xlinkidA draft comment ID to attach files tonostring


Must have the role of contributor or higher in the group.


This service returns the file that corresponds to the specified group and path.

The HTTP headers include:

  • Content-Type based on the file extension.
  • Last-Modified user for HTTP caching based date the file was uploaded.
  • Content-Disposition set to attachment; filename="[filename]" .

This service supports HTTP caching with the If-Modified-Since HTTP header.

Error handling

HTTP StatusError condition
400The group or path is not specified
400If specified, the uploadid or xlinkid  is not valid
401The user is not authenticated 
403The user does not have permission to access the path in this group
404The specified group does not exist
404The specified path does not match any file
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