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list uri uris forurl

/groups/{group}/uris/forurl/uris [GET]


List all the URIs with a particular relationship to a specified URI.

This services will not work for external URIs.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
urlThe URL for URIyesurl
Exclude URIs under this folder path relative to URI (e.g. archive)nostring
pageThe page to loadnointeger1
pagesizeThe number of results per pagenointeger200
relationshipThe relationship of returned URIs to specified URL, can be children, descendants, ancestors, ancestors-siblings or siblingsnoenumchildren
typeThe type of URIs to return, can be document, folder or allnoenumall

If relationship=ancestors-siblings then ancestors and siblings of the the URI are returned including siblings of all the ancestors, and children of the URI.

If relationship=children or siblings then the URIs are ordered with folders returned first, then alphabetically on title and then alphabetically on path, otherwise they are ordered by path.


This service is restricted to guest and higher unless the group is accessible to public.


This service returns each URI as a <uri> element:

  <uri id="[id]" path="[path]" ...> 
    <!-- All URI's attribute are included -->

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1212When the supplied URL is missing or invalid.
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