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group search facets

/groups/{group}/search/facets [GET]


Get search facets for a single group.

This service does the same as the group search but only the facets for the search are returned.

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].


facetsA comma-separated list of fields to use as facetsnostrings
facetsizeThe max number of facet values to load (ignored if larger than global property maxFacetSize - default 100)nointeger10
filtersA comma-separated list of field:term pairs to use as filtersnostrings
flexiblefacetsA comma-separated list of fields to use as flexible facetsnostrings
questionThe question to search fornostring
questionfieldsA comma-separated list of fields to search the question innostringspstitle,pscontent
rangesA comma-separated list of range searchesnostrings


This service is restricted to guest and higher unless the group is accessible to public.


The XML response is:

<facets indexes="[comma separated group IDs]" [warning=""]>

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].

Error Handling

0x1501 If there is an invalid group specified
0x1505 If the facet size specified is bigger than the global property for face size ( maxFacetSize)
0x1506 If a numeric field is specified as a facet
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