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get uris url config

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/urlconfig [GET]


Gets the following URL configuration files for a specified group and URL or URL type.

  • xref-config.xml
  • url-config.xml (including labels from global template)
  • url-template.xml
  • editor-config.xml

This service tries to locate the files by looking for the corresponding folder based on URL type in the order defined below:

  1. /template/[global template]/url/[type]
  2. /template/default/url/[type]


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
mediatypethe mediattype for external URIyes unless urltype specifiedstring
urlthe URL for external URIyes unless urltype specifiedstring
urltypethe URL type for the config (overrides url & mediatype)yes unless url & mediatype specifiedstring


This service requires guest or higher unless the group is public.


<url-type definedby="myproject"

Error Handling

0x1212 Invalid URL
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