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get discussion

/members/{member}/discussions/{discussion} [GET]


Loads a discussion. If a reply comment ID is specified for the discussion, it returns the containing discussion.


commentsTo indicate which comment(s) in the discussion should be displayednoenumall
discussionsizeThe maximum number of comments to return per discussionnostring1000
returngroupsThe groups to return in the output, can be none, user or  all (administrator only includes all comments)nostringnone
draftIf true include draft comment for current member (might return discussionsize + 1)nobooleanfalse


The comment display should be one of:

  • all – all comments in the discussion
  • archive – all comments including archived comments
  • first – only the first comment
  • last – only the last comment
  • none – no comments

If the comments parameters does not match one of the valid values, it is ignored.


This service can only be invoked by the own user or an administrator.

The member on the request needs to be a guest or higher. If the group of the discussion is public, anyone can invoke it while logged in.


The output has the following format:

<discussion id="123"
            title="My thread"
  <uri id="789"> ... </uri>
  <locator fragment="2"/>
  <comment id="234"
           contentrole="File Attachment"
    <title>My thread</title>
    <content id="201" type="text/plain">Some text
      <uri id="189"> ... </uri>
    <attachment fragment="5">
      <uri id="289"> ... </uri>
    [<group .../>...]

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1316The discussion was not found or invalid
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