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/dbmonitor [GET]


This servlet does not return XML or JSON data.

Tries to connect to the database using the current database settings.

Used for server monitoring only.


Unless prevented by firewall or other network security, the DBMonitor URL is publicly accessible on any PageSeeder server as:


While getting the standard response doesn’t mean the system is free from problems, not getting it guarantees there are problems.

Successfully getting a response means that PageSeeder’s key infrastructure (servlet container, web server, database) is live and communicating.


This service does not require any parameter.


This service is public – no specific permissions are required.


All responses are text only (text/plain). HTTP Status codes can be used to help diagnosing problems.

200 OK

If DBMonitor is able to connect and use the PageSeeder database, it returns the HTTP status code 200 (OK) and a text message.

It means that the DBMonitor was able to connect to the database using the current database properties and that it was able to make a query.

DBMonitor does not verify the integrity of the database. It can only assert that PageSeeder created a connection to the database successfully. A successful response doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the database is setup properly.

502 Bad Gateway

The HTTP status code 502 (Bad Gateway) is returned if there is any error related to the database. A message indicating the possible cause might be included in the response.

This error might occur because:

  • The database properties are incorrect.
  • The database service is not started.
  • The database server is unreachable (if on a different host).
  • The database server was not setup properly.

500 Internal Server Error

The HTTP status code 500 (Internal Server Error) is only returned if the DBMonitor itself is in an error state. This rarely occurs and it means that the DBMonitor is unable to provide any information about the system.

Server Timeout / Unreachable

When no status code is returned, it might be indicative of a more serious problem such as:

  • PageSeeder itself is not configured properly.
  • PageSeeder is too busy and has become unresponsive.
  • A network error (DNS, firewall, network security).
  • The entire system is down.

Error handling

See above.

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