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check username

/members/{member}/checkusername [GET]


Checks if a username is in use and is valid.

This service is used when users choose a username during the activation process to indicate whether the submitted username is already in use.

To be valid, the username must be unique, between 1 and 100 characters, and only contain alphanumeric characters, underscore, dash and dot, with at least one non-number.


tokenThe activation token for the membernostring
usernameThe username to checknostring


Only a member with a valid activation token or an administrator can use this service.


The XML returned is always:

<username-check usedby="[current|other|none]" valid="[true|false]" />

The @usedby attribute value indicates whether the username specified in the request is already in use:

  • current – currently attributed to the current user.
  • other – already attributed to another user.
  • none – not attributed to anyone.

The @valid attribute is set to true when the username is valid, and false otherwise.

The username selected by the user can be set as their username if usedby=current or usedby=none, and valid=true.

Error Handling

0x102Athe token is invalid or has expired
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