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batch action search

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/batch/{object}/{action}/search [POST]


This service runs batch action using search results.This service starts an Asynchronous process.

This service works in the same way as the batch action service but uses the search results to load the ids, using the psid field from each result or the pstaskdefinitionid field for tasks and workflows.

The type of object and action are defined in the URL as explained as follows.


The {object} URL parameters defines type of object to run the action on, can be:

  • uri – documents, urls or folders
  • xlink– comments, tasks or workflows

xlink object only supports actions addlabel and removelabel.

urls do not support actions move or archive.


The {action} URL parameter defines the name of the action to run against the specified object type.

It can be one of:

  • addlabel
  • removelabel
  • addversion
  • addworkflow
  • move
  • archive
  • usageschema
  • usagereport
  • validate
  • publish


filtersA comma-separated list of field:term pairs to use as filtersnostrings
questionThe question to search fornostring
questionfieldsA comma-separated list of fields to search the question innostringspstitle,pscontent
rangesA comma-separated list of range searchesnostrings
action.assignedtoID of assigned member for workflow or empty to remove (addworkflow action only)nolongprevious workflow assigned member
action.comment-groupsThe comma-separated list of groups to add comments from current group to (move action only)nostring
action.contentThe content as plain text of the version (addversion and addworkflow action only)maybestring
action.destination-guriidThe the destination folder guri id – required if no uriid (move only)maybestring
action.destination-uriidThe the destination folder uri id – required if no guriid (move only)maybestring
action.document-typeThe document type to save the schema under (usageschema only)nostring
action.dueWorkflow due date format is yyyy-MM-dd - '' means remove (addworkflow only)nostringprevious workflow due date
action.labelsA comma-separated list of labels to add to the version (addlabel, removelabel, addversion and addworkflow only)maybestring
action.log-levelThe level of logging the script outputs, can be info, verbose, warn, error, debug (publish only)nostring
action.notifyThe notification behavior normal|announce|minimal|silent (addversion and addworkflow only)nostringsilent
action.param.*Publish script parameters (publish only)nostring
action.priorityPriority for workflow e.g. High, Medium, Low – an empty values means remove (addworkflow only)nostringprevious workflow priority
action.projectThe current project (publish only)maybestring
action.removexrefsWhether to remove image and outgoing xrefs from the archived documents (archive only)nostringfalse
action.schemaThe name of the schema (usageschema and validate only)maybestring comma-separated list of field:term pairs to use as filters (publish only)nostrings question to search for (publish only)nostring comma-separated list of fields to search the question in (publish only)nostrings comma-separated list of range searches (publish only)nostrings
action.statusStatus for workflow e.g. Initiated ,In Progress, Complete, Approved, Suspended, Terminated (addworkflow only)nostringprevious workflow status
action.targetThe ANT script target (publish only)maybestring
action.titleThe version number e.g.: 1.00 (addversion only)maybestring
action.typeThe type of script, can be export, process, publish (publish only)maybestring
action.uristatusComma-separated list of the status that the URI must have for the workflow to be added (addworkflow only)nostring

Search parameters

The filters, question, questionfields, questionoperator and ranges parameters specify the query to select the results to process.

See the search service for further information.

Action parameters

All the parameters starting with action.* are parameter for the batch action.

They are defined in the batch action service.


The minimum permission depends on the action and the object as follows:

  • administrator: for actions usageschema, usagereport.
  • approver: for action addversion.
  • manager: for actions addlabel, removelabel on xlink objects where they are not the comment author.
  • contributor: for actions addworkflow, move, archive, validate. Also addlabel, removelabel on uri objects and xlink objects where they are the comment author.
  • guest: for actions publish.

(1) On xlink objects, contributors can only add or remove labels if they are the author of the comment.


<batch-action name="[action]"
 [<thread ...> ... </thread>|
    <publish id="[job ID]">
      <parameters> ... </parameters>
        <message logged="false"
                 progress="0">Publish Job started</message>

Error Handling

0x1501If there is an invalid group specified
0x6502Missing catalog, re-index group
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