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archive comment

/members/{member}/comments/{commentid}/archive [POST]


Archive an existing comment.

If the comment has been posted on multiple groups, archiving the comment removes it from all the groups – even if the member archiving it only has access to one of the groups.

This service only archives a single comment in a discussion such that the other comments are preserved:

  • The replies of an archived comment are always retained, regardless of its position in the discussion.
  • If the archived comment is the first comment in a discussion, the immediately following reply replaces it as the first comment.


No parameters required – the comment is specified by the xlinkid in the URL.


Only contributor and higher can archive comments that have been posted, however, only manager and higher can archive the comments of other members.

A guest and higher can archive their own draft comments.

An administrator can archive any comment.


When successful, the archived comment is returned as a <comment> wrapped in a <comment-archive> element as in the following example.

  <comment id="123"
    <title>Cavern stolen!</title>
    <author email="">
    <assignedto id="123"
                date="2012-03-09T..."> ...
    <modifiedby id="456"
               date="2012-03-09T..."> ...
    <content id="789"
      Sesame opened the door
      <uri id="189"> ... </uri>
    <attachment fragment="5">
      <uri id="289"> ... </uri>

The @contentrole of the comment must start with archive- after the comment has been archived.

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1309The comment is already archived
0x1311The object specified is not a comment
0x1317The comment was not found
0x6304Failed to archive comment
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