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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Email headers

This document explains how to configure custom properties and headers for HTML email.

Custom headers are not required, and if none are specified in the templates, PageSeeder uses the default settings.

Custom headers apply to HTML messages only, not text-format email.

HTML <title>

Change the <title>element in the HTML <head>element, to update the message subject (the “Subject” field).

For example:

    <title>My custom email subject</title>

HTML <meta>

To create custom properties, modify the content of the<meta> element in the HTML <head> element.

For example:

<meta name="sender-name"   content="John Smith" />
<meta name="sender-email"  content=""/>

Supported headers

Following is a summary of what <meta> elements can support:

to-emailChanges the destination address (the “To” field)
from-nameChanges the originator name in “From” (from-emailmust be set)
from-emailChanges the originator address in “From”
sender-nameChanges the originator name in “Sender” (sender-emailmust be set)
sender-emailChanges the originator address in “Sender”
replyto-nameChanges the destination name in “Reply-To” (replyto-email must be set)
replyto-emailChanges the destination address in “Reply-To”
list-nameChanges the identification name in “List-Id” (list-id must be set)
list-idChanges the ID in “List-Id”, setting this adds the header “Precedence” with a value of “List”.
list-helpSets the “List-Help’ email field
list-unsubscribeSets the “List-Unsubscribe“ email field
list-postSets the “List-Post“ email field
list-archiveSets the “List-Archive“ email field
message-idSets the “Message-ID“ email field
in-reply-toSets the “In-Reply-To“ email field
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