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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Email permalinks

From PageSeeder 5.9, to make it easier to maintain links in email templates, PageSeeder provides some permalinks that redirect automatically to the correct URL in the user interface. 

These stable permalinks insulate custom email templates from changes in the user interface and improve forward compatibility.

Path and parameters

All permalink paths start with the site prefix followed by /email (for example, /ps/email).

Some permalinks require specific parameter. All parameters included in the permalink URL are automatically forwarded to the target URL.

The parameters values are usually supplied in the email XML source content.

Parameter member

The ID or username of a member. It is usually available in the <member> or <author> element.

Parameter group

The ID or name of a group. It is usually available in the <group> or <project> element.

Parameter comment

The ID of a comment. It is usually available in the <comment> element.

Parameter uri

The ID of a URI (document). It is usually available in the <uri> element.

Parameter fragment

The ID of a fragment. If applicable, it is usually available as @fragment on the <context> element.

Parameter token

A security token allowing temporary access to PageSeeder without login. PageSeeder tokens are URL-safe (they don’t require URL encoding). All tokens expire—they can be used multiple times for read operations, but only once for save operations.

All tokens issued by PageSeeder are recorded so that users can track their usage.

When a token is issued, it is specified as an attribute of the <notification> element.


The following table provides the list without the site and email prefix (for example, /ps/email).

PermalinkParametersPageSeeder equivalentTarget
/changeemailmember token/page/~/member/{member}/emailchangePage confirming a new email address
/changepasswordmember token/page/~/member/{member}/passwordchangePage allowing the user to enter a new password 
/page/{group}/comments/{comment}Page displaying a single comment thread with option to reply
/commentsgroup/page/{group}/commentsPage displaying a list of comments for the group (for list-archive header)
/downloaduri/uri/{uri}?behavior=downloadDownloads the document
/getstartedmember token/page/~/member/{member}/getstartedIntroductory page for new users so that they can enter their full name, set their password, agree to terms of use and activate their account
/homegroup/page/{group}/homeHomepage for the group
/membersgroup/page/{group}/member/listThe list of group members
/moderatecommentgroup comment/fullpage/{group}/comment/{comment}/moderatePage for group moderators to accept or reject a comment posted on a group
/moderatemembergroup member/page/{group}/member/{member}/moderatePage for group moderators to accept or reject a member who wishes to join a group
/mydetails/page/dialog#open(~/account/details)Account dialog allowing the user to update their personal details
/mygroups/page/dialog#open(~/account/groups)Account dialog allowing the user to update their group subscription and notification settings
/myinvitationgroup/page/dialog#open({group}/account/groups/details)Account dialog allowing the user to accept or reject an invitation to a group
/myoptions/page/dialog#open(~/account/notifications)Account dialog allowing the user to update their general options (for example,  whether they receive attachments or suspend their email notifications while on vacation)
/newcommentgroup/page/{group}/comment/newPage to create a new comment in a group (for list-post header)
/fullpage/{group}/unsubscribe?token=xyzPage to unsubscribe from the group
/page/{group}/uri/{uri}#fragment-{fragment}Page displaying the context document
/page/{group}/uri/{uri}/workflowPage displaying the workflow for a document



Subscription options

To redirect users to their group subscription options so that they can control which emails they receive from a group:

  1. Construct the Email permalink as:

New members

To redirect the new members to the get started or activation page in PageSeeder:

  1. Extract the token from <notification token="Zu5nMVxo-s_LHy-9-0eVS3bwKl3wEp1f"> and the member ID from the <member id="123">.
  2. Construct the Email permalink as: Zu5nMVxo-s_LHy-9-0eVS3bwKl3wEp1f

When the end-user follows that link, they are able to access that page while the token has not expired and has not been used.

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