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Publishing PageSeeder data to print, the Web or both


In addition to PageSeeder’s Bridge Java API, there is also an API based on Apache Ant . Ant is a powerful, cross-platform, open source solution for batch processing. It can interact directly with a large range of libraries for technologies such as applications, network functionality and data formats. This makes Ant an ideal companion to publishing systems.

Coupled with the external Java API, the Ant API can be used to create batch-oriented tasks. These tasks can be scheduled or invoked to process content at the server, project, group or document level. 


Custom Ant tasks are built on top of:

  • Core PageSeeder Ant tasks providing atomic functionalities.
  • An Ant library coordinating multiple sets of Ant tasks for complex processes.
  • Optional Ant extensions for specialized tasks (import from Excel, generating Javadoc, etc.).

For information on how to customize the PageSeeder user interface for Ant, see <publishing>.


When using these Ant tasks in publish scripts with the publish engine, no download is required, but when running them as stand-alone scripts, the different jar files must be on the Ant classpath: the main external API jar file (pageseeder-publish-api-x.jar)—Download.

The version of the pageseeder-publish-api must be the same as the PageSeeder server. The version is listed on the lower left of all PageSeeder pages.

The tasks must be defined in the Ant script. Add the following attribute to the <project> element at the top of the Ant file:

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