Publishing PageSeeder data to print, the Web or both

Ant Tasks

The publish API is based on a set of Ant task that provide programmatic access to PageSeeder functionality. Through the Ant API, PageSeeder exposes processes that are encapsulated as Ant tasks and can be invoked as:

<ps:mytask src="[source]" ... />

Where the Ant task is insufficient for a particular challenge, Ant Extensions are available. 


PageSeeder Ant task can usually be run in two different contexts; either within the PageSeeder Publisher or as standalone (in the command-line or a code editor such as Eclipse)


Using PageSeeder Ant tasks in publish scripts with the Publish Engine requires no additional download. If properly installed, the existing environment should be already configured appropriately.


When running the Ant tasks as standalone scripts, the different jar files must be on the Ant classpath: the main API jar file (pageseeder-publish-api-x.jar)  – Download .


The version of the pageseeder-publish-api must be the same as the PageSeeder Server. The version is listed on the lower left of all PageSeeder pages.

Tasks must be defined in the Ant script. The following attribute should be added to the <project> element at the top of the Ant file:


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