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Word docx - default import config file

Following are details regarding the import config.

Using the Import Config file

To override the default import config, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Developer Perspective from the top left of the page, under the user name.
  2. To change the config for yourself ONLY click the Upload document icon and drop/browse a docx file. Click Options next to it, then Import/Preview and click Edit config. This is available to group managers only.
  3. To change the config for everyone in the project select Document config under the Dev menu and follow the steps below. This is available to project managers and administrators only.
  4. Click on the Publish configurations link at the top right of the page.
  5. Click create below word-import-config.xml under Media types.



When editing this config file in PageSeeder pressing ctrl-space will display autocomplete options to make editing easier.



For anyone that does not have Manager or Administrator permissions, the config file can be passed to PageSeeder by uploading a word-import-config.xml along with the docx document.

See Import Microsoft Word docx Ant task for further information.

Default import config

Below is the default config file for the Word import. It can be used as a starting point for customizing the import process. For further information, see Import Config documentation.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- This configuration transforms DocX into PSML -->

<config version="0.5.1">
  <!-- =======================SPLIT PROPERTIES======================= -->
    <document select="true">
      <!--<sectionbreak select="continuous" />
       Values accepted: continuous,evenPage,oddPage,  -->
      <outlinelevel select="0" />
      <outlinelevel select="1" />
      <!-- Values accepted: outlineLevel[0-5], -->
      <wordstyle  select="Heading1" >
      <wordstyle  select="Heading2" >
        <level value="1"/>
      <!-- Values accepted: name of style available in word file, -->
    <section select="true">
      <!--<sectionbreak select="continuous|evenPage" />
       Values accepted: continuous, evenPage, oddPage,  -->
      <outlinelevel select="0" />
      <outlinelevel select="1" />
      <outlinelevel select="2" />
      <outlinelevel select="3" />
      <wordstyle  select="Heading1" />
      <wordstyle  select="Heading2" />
      <wordstyle  select="Heading3" />
      <wordstyle  select="Heading4" />
      <!-- Values accepted: outlineLevel[0-5],  -->
      <!-- Values accepted: name of style available in word file,  -->

  <!--  <toc convert="false" /> Values accepted: true() or false() -->

    <add-numbering-to-document-titles select="true"/>
    <convert-to-list-roles select="false"/>
    <!-- generate numbered attribute to paragraphs for lists -->
    <convert-to-numbered-paragraphs select="false">
      <level value="1" output="prefix"/>
      <!-- prefix or numbering or inline=[label] or text -->
      <level value="2" output="prefix"/>
      <level value="3" output="prefix"/>
      <level value="4" output="prefix"/>
      <level value="5" output="prefix"/>
      <level value="6" output="prefix"/>
    <!-- generate numbered paragraphs for document titles -->

    <!-- adds an inline label around the true number of
         each numbered paragraph ( in the future will be
         set to prefix...) -->

    <convert-manual-numbering select="false">

  <!-- =======================STYLE PROPERTIES======================= -->

  <!-- Values accepted: name of style available in word file -->
      <wordstyle value="TOC1" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC2" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC3" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC4" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC5" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC6" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC7" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC8" />
      <wordstyle value="TOC9" />
      <paragraphStyles value="block" />
      <!-- possible values: 'para' or 'block' -->
      <characterStyles value="inline" />
      <!-- possible values: 'none' or 'inline' -->
      <smart-tag keep="true" />
      <!--  <property name="prefix" value="true" />
             possible values: 'false' or 'true' -->

<!--     <wordstyle name="Title" psmlelement="title"/> -->

    <!-- Values accepted: name of style available in word file -->
    <wordstyle name="Heading1" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="1" />

    <wordstyle name="Heading2" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="2" />

    <wordstyle name="Heading3" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="3" />

    <wordstyle name="Heading4" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="4" />

    <wordstyle name="Heading5" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="5" />

    <wordstyle name="Heading6" psmlelement="heading">
      <level value="6" />
    <wordstyle name="BodyText" psmlelement="para"/>

    <wordstyle name="HTMLCode" psmlelement="monospace"/>

    <wordstyle name="HTMLPreformatted" psmlelement="preformat"/>


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