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Example Config file


Below is the default config used when exporting to docx. It can be edited to get specific results.

For further information regarding the use of this file, see Export Microsoft Word docx config.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- This configuration transforms PSML into DocX -->
<config version="0.7.5">

    <creator select="[ps-current-user]" />
    <description select="[ps-document-description]" />
    <title select="[ps-document-title]" />
    <!-- <modified select="[ps-document-modified]" /> -->
    <created select="[ps-current-date]" />
    <keywords select="[ps-document-labels]" />
    <subject select="" />
    <category select="" />
    <version select="1.0" />
    <revision select="1" />

  <toc generate="true" style="TOC2">
    <headings generate="true" select="1-9" /> <!-- 1|1-2|5-9|etc from 1 up to 9-->
    <outline generate="true" select="1-9" /> <!-- 1|1-2|5-9|etc from 1 up to 9-->
    <paragraph generate="false">
      <!-- any paragraph style defined in the document with the corresponding TOC indent level  -->
      <style value="[word style]" indent="[indent level]" />

    <defaultparagraphstyle wordstyle="Body Text" />
    <defaultcharacterstyle wordstyle="Default Paragraph Font" />
    <comments generate="false" />
    <xrefs hyperlinkstyle="PS Hyperlink" referencestyle="PS Reference"/>

    <!-- default options:"generate-ps-style|none" -->
    <!-- label options:"generate-ps-style|[name of style]" -->
    <block default="generate-ps-style">

    <!-- default options:"generate-ps-style|none" -->
    <!-- label options:"generate-ps-style|[name of style]" -->
    <inline default="generate-ps-style">
      <table default="PS Table" headstyle="PS Table Header" bodystyle="PS Table Body">
        <width type="pct" value="5000"/>
    <!-- NOTE: wordstyle "heading [x]" only must be in lower case -->
      <!-- Unnumbered headings -->
      <level value="1" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 1"/>
      <level value="2" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 2"/>
      <level value="3" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 3"/>
      <level value="4" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 4"/>
      <level value="5" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 5"/>
      <level value="6" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 6"/>
      <level value="7" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 7"/>
      <level value="8" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 8"/>
      <level value="9" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 9"/>
      <!-- Unnumbered prefixed headings -->
      <level value="1" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 1"/>
      <level value="2" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 2"/>
      <level value="3" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 3"/>
      <level value="4" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 4"/>
      <level value="5" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 5"/>
      <level value="6" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 6"/>
      <level value="7" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 7"/>
      <level value="8" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 8"/>
      <level value="9" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Heading Unnumbered 9"/>
      <!-- Numbered headings -->
      <level value="1" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 1"/>
      <level value="2" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 2"/>
      <level value="3" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 3"/>
      <level value="4" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 4"/>
      <level value="5" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 5"/>
      <level value="6" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 6"/>
      <level value="7" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 7"/>
      <level value="8" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 8"/>
      <level value="9" numbered="true" wordstyle="heading 9"/>
      <!-- Numbered prefixed headings -->
      <level value="1" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 1">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="2" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 2">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="3" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 3">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="4" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 4">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="5" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 5">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="6" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 6">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="7" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 7">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="8" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 8">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <level value="9" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="heading 9">
        <prefix select="false" />

      <indent level="0" wordstyle="Body Text"/>
      <!-- Indented unnumbered paragraphs -->
      <indent level="1" wordstyle="List Continue"/>
      <indent level="2" wordstyle="List Continue 2"/>
      <indent level="3" wordstyle="List Continue 3"/>
      <indent level="4" wordstyle="List Continue 4"/>
      <indent level="5" wordstyle="List Continue 5"/>
      <indent level="6" wordstyle="List Continue 6"/>
      <indent level="7" wordstyle="List Continue 7"/>
      <indent level="8" wordstyle="List Continue 8"/>
      <indent level="9" wordstyle="List Continue 9"/>
      <!-- Prefixed paragraphs -->
      <indent level="1" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual"/>
      <indent level="2" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 2"/>
      <indent level="3" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 3"/>
      <indent level="4" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 4"/>
      <indent level="5" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 5"/>
      <indent level="6" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 6"/>
      <indent level="7" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 7"/>
      <indent level="8" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 8"/>
      <indent level="9" prefixed="true" wordstyle="List Manual 9"/>
      <!-- Numbered paragraphs -->
      <indent level="1" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent"/>
      <indent level="2" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 2"/>
      <indent level="3" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 3"/>
      <indent level="4" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 4"/>
      <indent level="5" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 5"/>
      <indent level="6" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 6"/>
      <indent level="7" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 7"/>
      <indent level="8" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 8"/>
      <indent level="9" numbered="true" wordstyle="Para indent 9"/>
      <!-- Numbered prefixed paragraphs -->
      <indent level="1" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="2" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 2">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="3" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 3">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="4" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 4">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="5" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 5">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="6" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 6">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="7" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 7">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="8" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 8">
        <prefix select="false" />
      <indent level="9" numbered="true" prefixed="true" wordstyle="Para indent 9">
        <prefix select="false" />

    <preformat wordstyle="HTML Preformatted"/>
    <nlist liststyle="Numbered List">
      <role value="[value of role]" liststyle="[word list style]" />
    <list liststyle="Bulleted List">
      <role value="[value of role]" liststyle="[word list style]" />

      <level value="1" wordstyle="List Continue" />
      <level value="2" wordstyle="List Continue 2" />
      <level value="3" wordstyle="List Continue 3" />
      <level value="4" wordstyle="List Continue 4" />
      <level value="5" wordstyle="List Continue 5" />
      <level value="6" wordstyle="List Continue 6" />
      <level value="7" wordstyle="List Continue 7" />
      <level value="8" wordstyle="List Continue 8" />
      <level value="9" wordstyle="List Continue 9" />


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