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Publishing PageSeeder data to print, the Web or both

Task loadingzone-get

Used in upload processing scripts to download documents from the loading zone for the current user in the specified group.

This task is available in PageSeeder v5.9200 and higher.


    destination="[destination file]"
    path="[file path]"
    paths="[file path list]"
    config="[config name]" />


groupThe name of the group the Loading Zone is inYes
destinationThe path of the folder where the file is to be downloaded, if it does not exist, it is created. If creation fails, an error is raised.Yes
pathThe path in the Loading Zone of the file to download (not URL encoded)Yes, if no paths
pathsA pipe-separated list of paths in the Loading Zone of the files to download (not URL encoded)Yes, if no path
subfoldersWhether to save files in the same subfolders as in the loading zoneNotrue
configUniversal PS config nameNodefault


This task uses the following ps:config environment properties:

  • scheme – scheme for connecting to PageSeeder.
  • host – host for connecting to PageSeeder.
  • port – port for connecting to PageSeeder.
  • servlet.prefix – servlet prefix for connecting to PageSeeder – default  /ps/servlet.
  • site.prefix – site prefix for connecting to PageSeeder – default  /ps.
  • user.token or jsessionid or username/password – access token or jsessionid or  username/password for connecting to PageSeeder.


    destination="${ps.config.default.working}/download" />
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