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PageSeeder Markup Language example markup

Following are some PSML code samples that can be used as templates for development.

Basic PSML document

The basic structure of a PSML document with placeholders:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<document level="portable" [type="[your document type]"]>
   <section id="title">
     <fragment id="1">
       <heading level="1">[your document title]</heading>
   <section id="content">
     <fragment id="2">
       <para>[your first paragraph]</para>
       <!-- more PSML content here... -->

Table model

Below is an example of the new table model introduced in PSML Beta 7.

  <col width="200px"/>
  <col width="100px"/>
  <row part="header">
    <cell>Alice's Adventures in Wonderland</cell>
    <cell>Lewis Carol</cell>
    <cell>Gulliver's Travels</cell>
    <cell>Jonathan Swift</cell>

Properties fragment

A simple properties fragment. This specialized fragment comes as a replacement for the 'pslabelvalues' section type used in PS Standard.

<section id="metadata">
  <properties-fragment id="4" >
    <property name="title" title="Title" value="Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"/>
    <property name="isbn" title="ISBN" value="0000000000001"/>
    <property name="author" title="author" value="Lewis Caroll"/>
    <property name="language" title="language">
    <property name="country" title="country" value="Australia"/>
    <property name="available-date" datatype="date" title="available-date" value="2012-01-01"/>
    <property name="related" count="n" datatype="xref" title="related">
      <xref href="book4.psml" frag="default"/>
      <xref href="book7.psml" frag="default"/>

Cross reference fragment

A simple fragment listing cross references. This specialized fragment comes as a replacement for the 'psxreflist' section type used in PS Standard.

<section id="links">
   <xref-fragment id="5">
    <blockxref href="chapter1.psml" frag="default">Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole</blockxref>
    <blockxref href="chapter2.psml" frag="default">Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears</blockxref>

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