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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A task is an action to be undertaken and is defined by its status. An active task is a task which has an active status. In the user interface, PageSeeder uses the icon for tasks.

When a discussion includes at least one comment with a status, it becomes a task. The status of the last comment in a discussion is the task status. 

Documents can have any number of tasks. 

Unlike workflows which are bound to the document, tasks are moveable and can relate to a document, a document fragment, including page in a PDF, or be a general task.

 Like comments, tasks can be created against the following:

  • group – means that the task hasn’t been attached to any specific content.
  • document or version – relates to the entire document.
  • fragment – attaches the task to a specific point in the document.

A task has the following configurable properties such as:

  • Status – nominates the state of the task; reflects an action to be undertaken.
  • Priority – nominates the importance of the task.
  • Assignee – nominates the member responsible for the task.
  • Due Date – nominates when completion of the task is required.

The task status values available to use depend on the role that a member has in the group.

In the group properties, managers can set the values for properties and which roles can use them.

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