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Service API elements from <alias> to <workflow>



The details of a member that a task or comment was assigned to.

The model inherits from the basic representation of a member and includes the date the assignment was made.

Usage context

Permitted content<fullname>
Permitted parent<comment> <task>


This element inherits the following attributes from the <member> element.

attachmentsbooleannoIf the user receives email attachments
emailemailnoThe email address of the member
externalidxs:stringnoAn external identifier for the member
firstnamexs:stringyesThe first name of the member
idxs:longyesThe ID of the member in PageSeeder
lockedbooleannoIf the member account is locked
onvacationbooleannoIf the member email option is set to ‘on vacation’
statusenumyesThe current status of the member
surnamexs:stringyesThe surname of the member
usernamexs:stringyesThe username of the member

It also includes the following attribute:

datexs:dateTimeyesWhen the assignment was made


The date and time the comment/task was assigned to the member.



XML Schema

See XML schema for element <member> for complete definition.

<xs:element name="assignedto" type="assignedto" />

<xs:complexType name="assignedto">
    <xs:extension base="member-core">
      <xs:attribute name="date" type="xs:dateTime" use="required"/>

Relax Schema

element member {
   attribute activated   { xs:dateTime }?,
   attribute attachments { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute created     { xs:dateTime }?,
   attribute date        { xs:dateTime }?,
   attribute email       { text { maxLength = "100"} }?,
   attribute externalid  { text { maxLength = "100"} }?,
   attribute firstname   { text { maxLength = "50"}},
   attribute id          { xs:long },
   attribute locked      { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute onvacation  { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute status      { "activated" | "set-password" | "unactivated" }?,
   attribute surname     { text { maxLength = "50"}},
   attribute username    { text { maxLength = "100"}},
   element fullname { text }


No change since initial API release.

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