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How to upload DOCX to PSML documents with split-psml-config in Pageseeder

Skills requiredXML
Time required (minutes)20
Intended audienceDeveloper


PageSeeder can be used to converter DOCX document in a PSML in two easy steps. This tutorial shows how to import DOCX  format in PageSeeder. The default config is using the XML document word-import-config to split fragments and documents together in the same configuration. Now it is divided  in two XML documents,  word-import-config and split-psml-config to simplify the configuration. 

It include how to:

  • configure the XML document split-psml-config;
  • import DOCX as PSML using both XML document configuration to have the correct output; 



To complete this tutorial requires:

  • Administrator access to a PageSeeder server.

All the necessary files for this tutorial are on GitHub.


Configure XML document split-psml-config

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