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How to upload DOCX to PSML documents with psml-split-config in Pageseeder

Skills requiredXML
Time required (minutes)20
Intended audienceDeveloper


PageSeeder can be used to convert DOCX documents into PSML in two easy steps. This tutorial shows how to import DOCX format into PageSeeder. The default config uses the XML document word-import-config to split fragments and documents together in the same configuration. Now, it is divided in two documents, word-import-config.xml and psml-split-config.xml to simplify the configuration. 

It includes how to:

  • Configure the XML document split-psml-config.
  • Import DOCX as PSML to have the correct output using both XML configuration documents. 



To complete this tutorial requires:

  • Administrator access to a PageSeeder server.

All the necessary files for this tutorial are on GitHub.


Configure XML document psml-split-config

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