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 Version 5

Legacy documentation for PageSeeder v5

edit member

/members/{member}/edit [POST]


Edit a member.

This service is now deprecated, use /members/{member} [PATCH] instead.

Member details

Both the firstname and surname are limited to 50 characters.

The member-username must be less than 100 characters, unique and cannot contain a ‘@’. The username is required unless the email address is specified.

The email must be less than 100 characters, unique and be a valid Email address. The email address is required unless a username is specified.

The member details are only modified if they are specified in the request.

Password details

The member-password must be less than 100 characters. When the Password is not specified, the member’s email is used if no confirmation is needed, otherwise, a new password will be generated.

Passwords must satisfy a given strength check to be accepted:

  • Regular members must have at least a MEDIUM strength.
  • Administrators must use a STRONG password.

Users MUST include their current password using current-password  to be able to change their password.

By default, an email is sent to the user when their password is changed; to override this behavior, set the password-email to true.


current-passwordThe member’s current password (required if a member-password or significant-date is specified unless admin)maybestring
emailThe member’s emailnostring
email-attachmentsSet to true to send documents as email attachments instead of linksnoboolean
firstnameThe member’s given namenostring
force-email-changeSet to true to change the email address without notification (admin only)nobooleanfalse
member-passwordThe member’s new passwordnostring
member-usernameThe member’s username, defaults to the member's emailnostring
on-vacationSet to true to stop notifications to this membernoboolean
password-emailSet to false to change the password without notification (administrator only)nobooleantrue
surnameThe member’s family namenostring


This service can only be invoked by the user herself or an Administrator .

Only administrators can change a password without having to submit the current password.


<member-modification [email-change-confirm-sent-to="[new email]"]>
  <member id="[member id]"
          firstname="[first name]"
    <fullname>[full name]</fullname>

Error Handling

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